Designed as both an optional component of other services and as a stand-alone offering, Jandl Associates’ Vocational Assessment Battery generates several types of career planning information. This information includes specific feedback from each assessment instrument (described first, below), and a summary report which “connects the dots” of the three sets of scores into a comprehensive, overall portrait (described second).

 Specific feedback from the three assessments includes:

  • Assessment #1 lists and describes major career fields and job titles that most closely match your current career interests and skills
  • Assessment #2 presents personal communication style information, and related vocational, educational and workplace recommendations
  • Assessment #3 presents personality trait information, and related vocational, educational and workplace recommendations

 Summary report feedback combining information from the above includes:

  • The major “Career Compass” direction(s) or employment field(s) that match your interests, skills and priorities at this time in your career
  • A comprehensive listing of job titles associated with the above employment field(s), and accompanying techniques for trimming the list of titles to a manageable number and systematically researching the remaining titles (to examine, for example, experiential and educational requirements, future marketplace demand, and salary levels) using online resources, including those of the U.S. Department of Labor  
  • For high school and college students, the summary report includes information about (1) possible future fields of employment, (2) college majors associated with those fields, (3) institutions specializing in those majors and identified fields, and (4) possible career paths after graduation
  • For career-changers and retirees who would like to keep working, this report contains information about what types of fields and/or positions to consider pursuing next based upon transferrable skills, recent and past accomplishments, and current interests
  • For all individuals, the summary report includes information about (1) what types of cultures and/or work environments they would likely be most productive in, (2) possible post-bachelor educational options (advanced degrees and certificate programs, for example) they might pursue to supplement existing credentials and achieve certain career objectives, and (3) suggested techniques to help ensure effective communication and optimal performance in the classroom or the workplace

             Cost of Vocational Assessment Battery: $1200