Designed to assist individuals in identifying, securing and keeping good jobs, Jandl Associates’ à la carte employment-search services include:

  •  Establishing goals, identifying target positions, and developing a job-search strategy by examining factors including: (1) your current/most recent job title and desired next position, (2) your goal of finding a new employer or remaining with your current one, (3) your educational credentials and possible internship experience, and (4) your current status as an employee (early-, mid- or late-career), or as an unemployed worker, a career-changer, an individual returning to work following a hiatus, or a retiree seeking consulting or part-time employment.
  • Identifying and responding to appropriate position openings using: (1) employment websites such as Indeed and Monster, (2) online job postings in specific corporate websites, (3) search engines such as Google and Bing, (4) executive recruiting and temporary placement agencies, (5) college/university career services offices, and (6) social media such as LinkedIn and other forms of personal networking
  • “Job Search 101” – Skills and Tools
    • Techniques for researching companies and key personnel
    • Resumé development, editing and writing assistance
    • Cover Letter development, editing and writing assistance
    • Reference list preparation and follow-up
    • Interview preparation and coaching (including rehearsal interviews)
    • Profile statements and accomplishment lists
    • Interview presentations and “back-pocket” material
    • Interview follow-up
    • Offer negotiation and acceptance
  • Taking Care of Yourself in Your Current or New Role: Assistance with career management activities including preparing for an annual review, applying for a promotion, adjusting to a new boss or co-worker(s), transitioning to a new organization, and honing effective team skills
  • Vocational Assessment Battery: Jandl Associates’ vocational assessment battery generates various types of career planning information including lists and descriptions of major employment fields and job titles that most closely match your current career interests and skills. Additionally, assessment feedback includes communication style information and personal trait descriptions with associated recommendations and techniques for maximizing your productivity and effectiveness as a team member in both educational and workplace environments.  Click here for more information about Jandl Associates' Vocational Assessment Battery.   

             Cost of Job Search services: $100/hour (types, duration, and total cost of services are agreed upon before work is initiated)

             Cost of Vocational Assessment Battery: $1200