Available Services and Materials

  • A year-by-year timetable of events and deadlines associated with the college admission process (no charge)
  • A 14-page College Application Guide (no charge)
  • A detailed explanation of standardized admissions tests (PSATSAT, and ACT), recent SAT changes, and how to prepare for such exams
  • One-on-one assistance completing the Common Application and assembling supporting materials (e.g., transcripts and references)
  • Review Common Application essay questions/topics and proofread/critique one or more essays, as needed
  • Exploration of Naviance output including college admission data, career-related information, and preliminary list of target schools
  • Examination and review of current academic record (GPA, class levels, class rank, standardized test scores)
  • A review of the pros and cons of Early ActionEarly Decision and Regular Decision applications
  • Determination of a potential academic major and/or possible career field(s) to explore
  • Development/refinement of a comprehensive list of institutions (including colleges, universities, military academies, and other schools) that specialize in a student’s selected career field(s) and/or academic major
  • An explanation of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) financial aid form, and discussion of scholarships, grants, loans and other forms of available financial support
  • A review of recruiting and application issues for student athletes including videos, sports resumés, coaches’ introductions, showcase events, scholarships, NCAA requirements, and other considerations
  • Goals for informational events such as College Fairs, Junior and Senior Parents’ Nights, Career Days, and Financial Aid Presentations
  • A review of the goals of campus visits and admission interviews, including guidelines for “local” interviews with university alumni, campus visits, and lists of questions to ask and to be prepared to answer
  • Preparation for College Interviews including one or more mock interviews with feedback
  • Assistance developing, updating a student's resumé
  • Q&A sessions and follow-up for each of the above items (face-to-face or via phone, computer, or other device)

             Cost of each of the above Application services: $100/hour (types, duration and total cost of services are agreed upon before work is initiated)

Optional College Application Service       

In addition to the above services, Jandl Associates also offers a career assessment option to assist in choosing an appropriate major:

  •  A 3-part Vocational Assessment Battery and 20+ page feedback report supplementing Naviance- and College Board-generated recommendations, and providing additional detailed information about (1) potential fields of employment matching an individual’s skills, education and goals, (2) college majors associated with the identified fields, (3) institutions specializing in those majors and fields, (4) possible career paths to pursue following graduation, and (5) techniques for further assessing and researching the job titles and career fields identified in the assessment results. Click here for more information about Jandl Associates' Vocational Assessment Battery.

             Cost of Vocational Assessment Battery: $1200