Jandl Associates has served high school students and their families, college students and interns, college and technical school graduates, and individuals from nearly every walk of life including: Accounting, Auditing, Clerical Support, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering, Facilities Management, Finance, Law, Library Science, Manufacturing, Marketing, Medicine, Medical Devices, the Military, Non-profits, Nursing, Office Management, Operations, Publishing, Research & Development, Sales, Security, Technology and Transportation.

We have served individuals at every organizational level including interns, hourly employees, managers, department directors, CEOs, CFOs, presidents, business owners, and consultants. We help career-changers, those returning to the workforce after a hiatus, workforce veterans, and individuals seeking to clarify their career goals and the pathways to those goals. 


Working with Jane Darveau gave me the tools and foundation I needed to be successful in my college search. She provided me with the knowledge and techniques I needed to make my dream become a reality. Thanks to Mrs. Darveau, I was able to attend a respected academic institution and play softball at the Division I level.
— Jen
Dr. Darveau was by far my biggest asset in getting started on the job search. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an edge in the competitive job market.
— Allyson
Richard Darveau is an expert in interview preparation. He was wonderful to work with. I firmly believe I felt as confident as I did going into my interview was because of the prep work I did with Dr. Darveau.
— Jennifer
Jane Darveau gave me invaluable guidance during the college application and selection process. With her help, I found a school that was a great fit.
— Jeff
I liked parts of my job but I felt like I lacked direction in my career. With Dr. Darveau’s help and guidance, I was able to see how my strengths, passions and interests could lead to a meaningful and happy career.
— Megan
Please accept my sincere appreciation for the overwhelming level of explanation and support you have given me as I pursued this promotion. I am truly grateful to you for your help, Richard
— Gary
I can’t thank you enough for your help, Richard! You gave me the confidence and insight that truly made me well prepared to interview.
— Paul
I love the resumé! Is this really me? Thank you so much for your help!
— Linda
I have been impressed with the vocational testing work that Dr. Darveau did for me and our kids, and I am confident he can help your son, as well.
— Referral from Dennis to a Friend